How Can You Tell If Your Ankle Injury Is Serious Enough To See A Doctor?

Tenderness to the touch, not being able to walk on it without pain, bruising, or swelling could all be signs that you need additional help for your foot and ankle injuries. Foot and ankle injuries are common because we use them so often each day- whether walking around outside where there’s gravel everywhere or even just standing in place too long. You probably don’t need to see a doctor for every little thing that happens to your ankle, but it is important to know the signs of a more serious injury.

Below is a list to tell enough that you should see a doctor for your ankle injury:


  • Have Severe Pain Or Swelling

If the pain is so severe that you can’t walk on your ankle without wanting to scream, it’s time to get in touch with a foot and ankle injury expert who can help diagnose what might be going on. Just like with most other areas of our body, swelling or bruising around an area means there was some sort of impact whether major or minor. If either one is present for more than just a few days after experiencing foot and ankle injuries- it could mean something else.

  • Have An Open Wound Or Severe Deformity

An ankle injury that has an open wound or a severe deformity of the ankle needs to be examined by a foot specialist. You’re probably going to have pain, but any kind of open wound is something you shouldn’t mess with on your own- especially if it’s been bleeding for more than five minutes without stopping.

  • Can’t Move Your Foot Or Put Weight On It

If you’re not able to move your foot properly, stand on it, or put weight on it then ankle injuries are serious enough to seek out help from a doctor right away. An X-Ray might be needed depending on what has happened with this type of injury.

  • Have Signs of Infection, Such As Redness, Warmth, And Tenderness

Ankle injuries that are showing signs of infection need to be seen by a doctor right away. Foot infections can happen at any time, but it’s important to know the symptoms so you don’t wait too long before seeking out help from your foot specialist. Symptoms include redness, warmth, tenderness around an area- along with other serious ailments like fever or chills if left untreated for too long.

The severity of an ankle injury can vary from a simple sprain to a more serious break. If you have severe pain or swelling, have any open wounds, cannot put weight on your foot, or show signs of infection such as redness or warmth in the area, then it’s time to get checked out by a doctor. Get in touch with our experts today for assistance.




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Injuries to the foot and ankle are among one of the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal injuries. The ankle can be injured doing fairly simple tasks such as walking on uneven surfaces, but it’s usually more severe when people play sports; sprains or fractures often result from these activities. Dr. Stephen Chen is a specialist in treating foot and ankle injuries for athletes and active adults throughout the San Francisco East Bay Area. He provided sideline coverage for NCAA Division I athletics at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University (OH). Since graduating, Dr. Chen has continued his love of sports coverage by volunteering for the San Francisco Marathon, the San Francisco Giant Race, and as the team physician for Northgate High School in Walnut Creek. Being a part of The Center for Sports Medicine allows Dr. Chen quick access to a multidisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, physiatrists, and physical therapists to return you to your highest functional level quickly and safely. Click here to contact us for your next appointment!


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