What Are The 5 Most Common Foot & Ankle Injuries?

Walking and standing can cause a lot of pressure on our feet. Foot and ankle injuries are common if we don’t take the proper precautions. Foot pain is very difficult to deal with because it’s always in contact with the ground thus increasing impact on our bones; especially when walking around daily outside surfaces such as concrete. Let’s take a look at each most common foot and ankle injury one by one.


1. Achilles Tendonitis Or Tear

Achilles Tendonitis affects the back of our ankle. Pain, inflammation, redness can all be experienced when dealing with this condition. Achilles tendon tears are also common- which typically happens from overuse or sudden impact on an immobile foot or ankle. This injury could lead to future pain if not treated properly so it’s important to take care of yourself before these injuries happen more often than they should.


2. Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are a common injury that occurs when the ligaments in our ankle tear or stretch too far. Foot and Ankle sprain symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and some cases even a popping noise. Foot and ankle sprains can occur from rolling your foot or ankles, losing your balance, or stepping on an uneven surface such as the edge of a step.


3. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue that runs along the foot. Foot and ankle injuries are common with this condition because it’s difficult to walk on an inflamed plantar fascia ligament without feeling pain, which can lead to other issues down the road if not treated properly.


4. Fractures Of The Ankle

Fractures are common foot and ankle injuries that can happen when the tibia or fibula bones break. Foot fractures are typically caused by a direct impact, twisting of the ankles, or dropping things on our feet causing them to break unexpectedly. Most foot fracture symptoms include pain, bruising, swelling in the area- with some cases even walking being difficult.


5. Stress Fractures Of The Foot

Stress fractures are common foot and ankle injuries that can occur when one puts too much pressure on our feet or doesn’t take the proper precautions before starting a new physical activity. Foot stress fracture symptoms include pain, bruising around the area where you’ve overworked yourself- with some cases being more serious than others depending on how long it’s been since your injury.

There are much different foot and ankle injuries that could be plaguing your body. If you’ve been in a lot of pain or have noticed any tenderness when walking around, it’s time to get in touch with an expert who can help diagnose the problem and provide treatment options for relief. Don’t suffer longer than necessary. Let us know what has been going on so we can do our best to help make sure you’re back up.




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Injuries to the foot and ankle are among one of the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal injuries. The ankle can be injured doing fairly simple tasks such as walking on uneven surfaces, but it’s usually more severe when people play sports; sprains or fractures often result from these activities. Dr. Stephen Chen is a specialist in treating foot and ankle injuries for athletes and active adults throughout the San Francisco East Bay Area. He provided sideline coverage for NCAA Division I athletics at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University (OH). Since graduating, Dr. Chen has continued his love of sports coverage by volunteering for the San Francisco Marathon, the San Francisco Giant Race, and as the team physician for Northgate High School in Walnut Creek. Being a part of The Center for Sports Medicine allows Dr. Chen quick access to a multidisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, physiatrists, and physical therapists to return you to your highest functional level quickly and safely. Click here to contact us for your next appointment!


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