How Can You Tell If Your Foot Injury Is Serious Enough To See A Doctor?

Foot injuries can be a little bit trickier to determine whether or not you should see a doctor, but some signs indicate foot and ankle Injuries could need immediate attention. Foot injuries happen often because we put so much pressure on our feet each day- even if it’s just from standing in one spot for too long. Just like ankle injuries, foot Injuries can vary in severity.

Below is a list that describes what should be considered serious enough to seek medical help:


You’re Suffering From Pain In Both Feet

If both your feet are hurting, you have pain in one foot, and it won’t go away after a few days then it’s time to get checked out. Foot Injuries can happen at any time because of how much strain we put on our feet each day- whether walking outside where there’s gravel everywhere or even just standing too long without getting up for some movement.

You Have A Fever Or Chills More Than 24 Hours After Injury

When you suffer from an injury to your foot, it is possible for complications like inflammation which could lead to other issues if left untreated for too long. If you experience fever more than 24 hours after foot injury occurs it means there’s something more serious going on than just a foot injury.

You Have Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes need to be especially careful when it comes to foot injuries. Foot Injuries can lead to something serious if left untreated for too long, but diabetics are at a greater risk of developing complications like infections and ulcers which could end up being very dangerous for your health.

You’re Not Able To Put Weight On Your Foot

If you find yourself in an urgent situation where you cannot put weight on your foot then get help immediately- don’t take the chance that the pain will go away after resting because this is not always true. It’s important to know what kind of foot Injury severity there may be so you don’t try and ignore any warning signs or symptoms.

If you’re not sure if your foot injury needs a trip to the doctor, consider these symptoms. Any of these may be an indication that you need medical attention. While they won’t necessarily cause long-term damage on their own, it’s best for peace of mind and safety reasons to get checked out by a professional as soon as possible. Get in touch with us today so we can answer all of your questions about what kind of treatment options are available to you.




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