What Kind Of Doctor Should I See If I Injured My Foot Or Ankle?

If you injured your foot or ankle, many different doctors could help. It’s important to know what type of injury you have before deciding which doctor is best for you. It’s important not to hesitate if your foot or ankle has been damaged badly during an injury because the sooner you see someone who specializes in treating these kinds of injuries, the better off you’ll be when it comes time for recovery and getting back on track with daily life again. Here’s a list of what kind of doctor you should see if you injured your foot or ankle:


Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons are the best choice if you need surgery to repair broken bones, ligaments, or tendons. They also treat problems like arthritis and sports injuries. Orthopedic surgeons may use surgery as a treatment, but they sometimes rely on physical therapy and other non-surgical treatments to help with recovery.


An Orthopedist is a type of doctor that meets with patients and analyzes any issues identified by joints. They can give supports, braces, or projects for their clients’ musculoskeletal arrangement of the body to treat them from ongoing torments such as joint inflammation or an injury sustained while playing sports; however, they do not perform medical procedures themselves.


Podiatrists specialize in the treatment of a person’s feet, including issues with the toes, heels, or ankles that may be hard to see from an x-ray taken at your doctor’s office for other purposes like back problems or joint pain. Podiatrists can also provide physical therapy if needed after surgery is complete during recovery time which allows you to work towards getting stronger again without straining things too much that could re-injure them before they’re ready yet; though it will depend on how well everything has healed once given proper care and treatment.

You may have a broken bone, torn ligament or tendon, inflammation of the joint space, an infection in your bones and joints. Depending on what you’re experiencing, different doctors specialize in these areas who can help diagnose and treat your problem. If you think you might need to see a doctor for pain associated with any injury to your foot or ankle area, get in touch.




Are You Looking for an Ankle and Foot Injury Physician You Can Trust?

Injuries to the foot and ankle are among one of the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal injuries. The ankle can be injured doing fairly simple tasks such as walking on uneven surfaces, but it’s usually more severe when people play sports; sprains or fractures often result from these activities. Dr. Stephen Chen is a specialist in treating foot and ankle injuries for athletes and active adults throughout the San Francisco East Bay Area. He provided sideline coverage for NCAA Division I athletics at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University (OH). Since graduating, Dr. Chen has continued his love of sports coverage by volunteering for the San Francisco Marathon, the San Francisco Giant Race, and as the team physician for Northgate High School in Walnut Creek. Being a part of The Center for Sports Medicine allows Dr. Chen quick access to a multidisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, physiatrists, and physical therapists to return you to your highest functional level quickly and safely. Click here to contact us for your next appointment!


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