How Do Walnut Creek High Schools Rank?

 One of the most significant choices a parent can make for their child is selecting a school. That is why school ranking is important in helping parents choose the right school for their child. 

But how are schools ranked? What is the criteria? What are the variables involved? In this article we are going to look at how high schools are ranked in Walnut Creek, California. 

The ranking of the 2021 Best Public High Schools is based on a thorough examination of main figures and millions of student and parent ratings, as well as reports from the US Department of Education. State test results, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT grades, teacher efficiency, and high school performance are all variables in the rankings.

The rankings are intended to provide families with more details about the schools in their region.

This extends the emphasis by reviewing more schools than ever before, allowing both neighbourhoods to see which schools in their neighborhood are effectively supporting their children, even traditionally underserved groups.

College readiness, reading and math comprehension, reading and math achievement, underserved student performance, college program scope, and graduation rates are among the variables included in compiling the ranking. 

Participation and success on advanced placement and international baccalaureate tests are used to determine college readiness.

Each school’s ranking now corresponds to the national percentile — a school with a score of 70 is in the 70th percentile and outperforms 70% of all schools. In the future, this approach would allow for intuitive year-to-year comparisons of a school’s results.


Considered Factors in Ranking High Schools in Walnut Creek


  • Academics Grade Ranking

The Academics grade is based on a thorough examination of academic statistics from the United States Department of Education, as well as test scores, college reports, SAT/ACT ratings, student and parent survey results on academics. 

In this ranking they also include percentage of students who graduate from 12th grade, percentage of Advanced Placement candidates who complete at least one test, the percentage of students who have taken at least one Advanced Placement course, and student-teacher ratio.


  • Public Schools With The Most Diverse Populations

The list of the Most Diverse Public Schools is based on a thorough examination of demographic and student life statistics from the US Department of Education, as well as millions of student and parent ratings.

This includes an index of racial diversity among students, culture and diversity parent/student surveys, economically deprived students as a percentage of the total, and gender diversity.


  • Overall Experience Surveys from Parents and Students


  • Ranking of Best Teachers

The Best Teachers rating is based on a thorough examination of academic and instructor statistics from the United States Department of Education, as well as millions of student and parent ratings.

Percentage of teachers who miss 10 or more days every academic year due to illness or personal reasons, average teacher salary, teachers in their first or second year of teaching, and student-teacher ratio are all factors to be considered in this ranking. 


  • High School Clubs and Extracurricular Activities Ranking

Based on per-student costs and student and parent feedback to surveys about clubs and programs.


  • Health & Safety Ranking

Based on persistent pupil absenteeism, suspensions/expulsions, and student and parent study responses about the school climate.


  • Facilities and Resources Ranking

Based on per-student costs, staffing, and student and parent survey results on services.


  • Sports Programs Ranking

Based on the amount of activities, attendance, and student and parent survey results on athletics and athletic facilities.

Number of sports the school offers, boys athletic participation in interscholastic sport , girls athletic participation in interscholastic sport, and total number of championships won by the school  are among the factors considered in this ranking.


Walnut Creek, California is blessed with some of the area’s top high schools.  Here’s a quick list for you to check out:

  • Las Lomas High
  • Northgate High
  • Contra Costa School of Performing Arts
  • Acalanes Center for Independent Study
  • Spectrum Center School Valley Campus
  • Ygnacio Valley High School
  • Contra Costa Midrasha
  • Fusion Academy Walnut Creek
  • Futures Academy – Walnut Creek

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 1777 Botelho Drive, Suite 110 in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!







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