Can A Sports Massage Cause Damage To Your Child Athlete?


Do you have a child that is an athlete? If so, then you may be wondering if they’re at risk for injury. As your son or daughter trains, their muscles become tight and stressed which can lead to injury. A sports massage can help alleviate these issues by loosening the muscles and increasing blood flow in the area. This will help reduce any inflammation that has occurred as well as prevent future injuries from happening. You should only allow a trained professional to perform this service on your child because they are skilled in what areas of the body need attention and how much pressure is appropriate for each individual’s needs. If not done properly it could cause more harm than good!

For professional athletes, they often think about receiving massage therapy to increase and improve their performance. But what about children?  Massage therapy can provide a gentle therapeutic approach addressing many of the same athletic concerns while also introducing growing children into preventative methods that relieve aches and pains as they exercise.

The benefits of massage therapy for children depend on the individual child receiving it as well as their practitioner. Children should only get massages from trained experts with certification in pediatrics because they have different needs than adults and are more susceptible to injury or harm.

A child’s body is constantly and rapidly changing. Their muscles, soft tissues, and bones are not as developed when compared to those of an adult. To provide a touch therapy session that would be effective in treating the child’s soft tissue, one should use less pressure with slower pacing for a shorter duration than what may typically occur during treatment sessions involving adults.

In her effort to reach her full potential in sports, a child may suffer from pains and injuries. The therapist can help reduce these issues through professional pediatric massage therapy which would also augment agility as well as better sleep habits for children who are serious about their sport.

Many athletes receive massage therapy treatments before and after athletic workouts and competitions. Athletes often incorporate sports massage into their training programs as it helps them with many things including; mental relaxation, improved flexibility, reduced/delayed muscle soreness due to pain management benefits while also promoting a range of motion mobility.

Massage therapists who want to incorporate sports massages into their treatment plans for children need to understand the physical development of a child, what goals they have in mind when creating one, how active and involved that person is with different types of activities or recreational play.

May gently warm up muscles before engaging in exercise activity and can help prevent injuries caused by overuse. Massage Therapists who wish to start incorporating Sports Massages into their routine should keep these things in mind: They must be aware of any developmental issues within an individual (height/weight), as well as clear about specific therapy objectives such as injury recovery from long-term impacts or alleviating pain during athletic competitions.

During massages with children, use clothing that would be considered very modest. Ensure the child has eaten and is properly hydrated before beginning a session. Perform a thorough health intake form to create treatment plans for your sessions.

When working with a child or teen, their parent or guardian must be present. When performing massage on children, use light pressure and avoid using too much force as it may cause discomfort for the child. If at any time during your session the child experiences pain or nausea stop immediately to prevent further injury.



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