Outdoor Festival Season and Event Security

Festival season is upon us. Spring through summer is when outdoor festivals are held just about every weekend. While a large part of the festival organizers’ duties is to create unique, positive experiences, a good portion of their time should be devoted to determining how to keep the festival grounds safe for patrons. Event Security Planning. A festival security guard company specializing in outdoor events can walk the grounds, point out security issues and devise an event security plan the will keep the grounds safe. Festival security can function in a number of ways. Oversee Who Goes In And Out. Perimeter fencing should be considered even when an event is free to enter. Simple fencing funnels festivalgoers through entry points that can be then monitored by festival security guards. Checkpoint Screening. Post event security guards at all entrances where they can check purses, handbags and backpacks, and when necessary, guide guests through metal detectors. Monitor Alcohol Consumption. Station guards by all booths serving alcohol. They can be responsible for checking i.d.s and assigning wristbands. Guards can also watch for intoxicated individuals and deny them further purchases. Address Unruly Behavior. The excitement and emotions of a festival coupled with alcohol or drugs can cause unruly behavior. If these situations occur, security guards should be notified immediately to calm the situation and if necessary, notify police. Lead In An Emergency. In the event of an emergency (i.e., accident, medical situation, an unthinkable terror situation), festival security guards are trained to jump into action and stabilize the site or lead festivalgoers to safety. For more security tips, go to https://www.AccessControlSecurity.com.