What Should You Expect On Your First Sports Massage For Your Child Athlete?


If you are a parent of an athlete, then you know the importance that sports play in their lives. The physical and mental health benefits of sports should not be ignored. One way to help your child stay healthy is through regular massage therapy sessions. Sports Massages can help relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation which can reduce pain and swelling as well as speed up recovery time for injuries by breaking down scar tissue faster.

The first time your child goes to get a sports massage can be nerve-wracking. It’s important that parents understand what their child is going to experience in order to feel more comfortable about it and talk through any concerns they have with the therapist. There are many benefits of getting a sports massage for an athlete, but there are also some things you should know before scheduling your first appointment. Here are some things to consider:


1) Sports massage is not easy for therapists who have had zero experience with children. Therapists need patience when working with kids, and they must be able to understand the basics of a sports massage so that they are aware of what their client needs during their session. Finding an experienced therapist helps because then you don’t have to worry about them learning about your child’s body!

Children can be taught the importance of what is happening throughout a massage, along with potential sensations (painful or pleasant). They should also understand they have control over their bodies. If uncomfortable at any point, children are allowed to speak up and say no if necessary.


2) For the protection of both child and therapist, an adult must be present for the duration of a massage. This is common in many athletic organizations that involve children as well. It’s one guideline to provide deep tissue massages on young athletes because parents or guardians are viewed as important figures watching over their best interest during sports activities involving physical contact such as wrestling with other players from rival schools who have been known to resort to violent behavior when losing games against each other due to past history between two groups.


3) The child and adult must be on the same page during a massage. Otherwise, problems arise such as children not wanting to disappoint an adult which leads them to think they are doing something wrong if they tell the sports massage therapist that pressure is too much. There will also be excessive communication and explanation so it’s vitally important for both parties involved to understand what’s happening in their bodies throughout this situation.

There are also areas of the body that should be massaged for child athletes, which aren’t as commonly known. These include the upper chest region, gluteal muscles (butt), and hip rotation/flexion regions. Because these can all cause tension in children who experience them frequently or have trouble with being touched there normally will make them uncomfortable during a massage session but it’s necessary to help their development and recovery process after an injury occurs!



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