Impact Testing for Concussions – Credential Impact Consulting

  Dr. Stephen Chen is one of the area’s few Credentialed ImPACT Consultants (CIC) . What is the Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC) Program?   It’s a leading CE eligible training program designed for healthcare professionals who want to provide best in class concussion care. What is ImPACT?   INFORMATION FOR TEST TAKERS, PARENTS AND GUARDIANS […]

Ankle and Foot Injuries

  Injuries to the foot and ankle are among the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal injuries.  Ankle injuries commonly occur when the ankle joint is twisted out of position. Although it is more likely to occur during sports, the ankle can be injured doing fairly simple tasks such as walking on uneven surfaces.  Most commonly seen […]

Knee and Shin Injuries

  The knee is one of the most stressed and largest joints in the body.  It is vital for movement and is a joint that can be rather vulnerable to injury.  It is the most commonly injured joint in adolescent athletes. Movements at the knee joint are essential for everyday activities, which include running, walking, […]

Back and Hip Injuries

  The back is a very common area of pain and injury, especially the lumbar spine.  It is estimated that lower back pain may affect as much as 80 to 90 percent of the general population at some point in their lives.  This can range in intensity and duration. Pain levels can vary from mild […]

Wrist and Hand Injuries

  The wrist is a complex joint that connects your hand to your forearm.  Rather than one big joint, it is actually made up of multiple small joints.  This allows the hand to move in a variety of different planes. It is a commonly injured joint in sports, either from overuse or from trauma such […]

Elbow Injuries

  The Primary Function and Anatomy of the Elbow    The elbow joint is a complex hinge joint.  The function of the elbow joint is to extend and flex the forearm in relation to the upper arm, as well as allow rotation of the forearm and wrist.  The muscles around the elbow joint enable the […]

Shoulder Injuries

  The shoulder is one of the most important parts of the human body. Being one of the largest and the most complex joints in the body, the shoulder is essential for some of the most basic functions of human life. For instance, the shoulder is responsible for the flexibility of the arm in all […]