Security Tips For Fast Food Restaurants

Customers select fast food restaurants because they can order, grab their food and be out in minutes. Robbers see these restaurants much in the same way—get in, steal and get out quickly.

To add to a fast food restaurant’s security concerns, not all crimes involve robbery. Countless news stories report the bad behavior of patrons—from throwing food, to defacing property to assaulting employees or customers and worse. Here are tips to keep fast food restaurants running safely.

Deter Criminals. Make it clear to patrons that inappropriate behavior will result in them being asked to leave or subject to arrest. Post signs stating this policy. Install visible security cameras in and around the restaurant. While warnings and cameras may not stop a hardened criminal, it will make most customers think twice before behaving badly.

Communicate With Police. Ask police to provide information on the criminal activity in your neighborhood. Are break-ins occurring at other fast food restaurants? How were the crimes committed?

Fast Food Restaurant Security Guards. Diffusing a volatile situation helps insure the safety of staff and customers. With a security guard in place, restaurant managers can seek their assistance to break up fights, calm agitated customers and reduce loitering. Stationed near cash registers, their presence can reduce the temptation to steal—by both customers and employees. Security guards at fast food restaurants can also escort employees to their cars at closing. This is especially important if the restaurant stays open late.

Limit Evening Hours. Criminals see an opportunity during late evening when fast food restaurants have fewer customers. Consider closing earlier or only serve through the drive-through during later hours.

Remove Graffiti. If taggers hit, remove graffiti immediately to avoid retaliation tagging. Add plenty of outside lighting so it is easy to spot vandals from police patrol cars or by private restaurant security guards.