Is Massage Therapy Good For High School Athletes?


The amount of stress and strain that is put on a high school athlete can take its toll on their body. Injuries are more common as the season goes on, and it’s important to stay in good shape for when you’re not playing. Massage therapy has been shown to help your muscles recover, and the relief can keep the pain away after long practices or games. The truth is that massages can be a great way to help an athlete recover from injuries and manage pain before and after games.


Benefits of Massage Therapy to High School Athletes


1) One way to be an advantage in a sport is by having higher flexibility. This can improve one’s performance and safety, but athletes may not have the time or money for massage therapy.

The best way to increase your own personal levels of flexibility would be through physical training such as yoga or simply stretching on your own before you begin any sporting activity that requires some degree of it. Otherwise, if there isn’t enough free time between practices and/or games then professional massages are another option, although they tend to come with a hefty price tag so finding affordable options elsewhere might also become necessary depending on how much work needs to be done.


2) Massage therapy also improves athletes’ circulatory system efficiency by increasing the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Once athletes gain better breathing capacity, they have greater endurance and are able to perform at optimal levels for an extended period of time without excessive fatigue or exhaustion setting in as quickly during workouts or competitions.  Athletes can breathe easier and more smoothly which increases stamina to produce a better performance.


3) Reduce Pain and Increase Recovery.

Professional and teen athletes risk injury every game, practice, or training session. Massage therapists can reduce this pain while also allowing the body to recover more quickly between sessions by increasing blood flow, decreasing cortisol levels in muscles and stimulating tissue regeneration.

Massage therapists decrease muscle tightness, which reduces the associated discomfort we often call “pain”. They also help to improve circulation in injured areas by increasing blood flow when working on muscles near bone fractures. This is important because it increases cellular activity (which helps with healing) at different rates from surrounding tissue that does not have an injury present as well as decreases swelling around injuries caused by inflammation due to lack of oxygen delivered via decreased circulation during periods where there’s increased pressure being put on these affected parts through exercise leading up to competition day or practice sessions.

With massage, athletes can reduce pain and increase their rate of recovery.


4) In order to perform their absolute best, athletes must give their bodies time to recover. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for them and getting massages done correctly can also increase the quality of sleep.

To perform at their best as an athlete, it is extremely important that they get enough rest each day in part due to how much energy sports take out of them physically and mentally. In addition, giving in to pressure from others by not sleeping or resting well on occasion might lead you down even worse paths with your health later in life like heart disease because the physical activity requires regular periods where we have more than just our average everyday schedule but rather something incredibly special when compared against other days which ensures people stay active.



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