How Often Should A High School Athlete Get A Sports Massage?


Sports massage is a great way for high school athletes to stay on top of their game. Not only does it relieve tension and soreness, but it also helps improve range of motion and circulation. The question then becomes “how often should a high school athlete get a sports massage?” This is an important question because it can help prevent injuries and keep your body running at its best. The answer is different for everyone depending on how intense the sport or activity they are doing, as well as their age and other factors. It’s important to ask your coach, trainer, or physical therapist what would be best in order to keep you healthy and performing at the highest level possible.


History of Sports Massage

Massage has been used in the treatment of illnesses and injuries for thousands of years. Chinese writings dating back to 2500 BC describe its use as a medical purpose, from treating musculoskeletal conditions like injury or cancer to pregnancy-related complications. It is also known that it can be an effective way to reduce stress and relax!

Sports Massage is a way to help athletes recover from intense exercise and as a treatment option for clinical rehabilitation. Physical therapists who specialize in sports medicine often use massage techniques before or after an athletic event because it has been suggested that this will aid the athlete’s overall performance. Sports massages are also used on patients with musculoskeletal injuries of their legs, arms, shoulders etc.


Why Athletes Need it?

Teen athletes grow and develop at a rapid pace. As their muscles are getting longer, they feel sore or even painful—before the rigors of athletic training begin to take effect. Luckily massage reduces pain while also improving flexibility and range of motion for young bodies that aren’t used to such strenuous activity yet (such as sports). This helps growing teens by giving them more physical condition overall with improved performance in sports activities too!

Athletes of all levels are benefitting from massage, including club athletes. For example, a study showed that elite runners who received weekly massages for six weeks prevented injuries and in fact, we’re able to recover much faster than those not receiving the treatment after suffering an injury. Club athletes may be surprised at how beneficial this can also be for them as well!


How Often You Should Get a Sports Massage?

Basically, if you are a fairly healthy person who has no injuries or chronic conditions and wants to come in for regular massage sessions then go ahead! If you have an injury or condition that your doctor told you is best treated with massages but aren’t sure how often it should be done, just keep coming into the clinic regularly until the issue heals.

Most professionals get at least one massage per week. For most amateur athletes who still take their sport and training seriously or regular gym-goers, once a week to once a fortnight is recommended. However, for most people who do the light exercise on an infrequent basis (once every two, three weeks) it’s usually sufficient.

Some people can go as long as 6 months without getting one while others may need one every week or two weeks. It all depends on the frequency of training, amount of time spent in practice/competition, age, gender, and experience level with sports massages.

The bottom line: if you are an avid participant in any sport that requires repetitive movement (especially things like running) then you should be getting at least one sports massage a month.



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