Do Many High School Athletes Regularly Get Sports Massage?


Do you ever wonder if your high school athletes are getting enough rest and recovery time? Do they have sore muscles that need to be worked out, but don’t know how to do it themselves? If so, then consider sports massage. Sports massage can help prevent injuries and get the athlete back on the field faster. You may not realize this, but many high school athletes regularly get sports massages!

Raising a young athlete is not easy. They are constantly pushed to train harder and perform at higher standards – practices run longer, times need to be faster, and teams travel more. For some families, the process feels less like student-athlete training than professional training. Some teens feel sports will get them their only ticket into college; this leads to additional pressure in performing well on top of any non-competitive stressors placed upon them by playing competitively so intensely that it can even lead towards injury as sport intensity rises without explicitly being directly adversarial or competitive all the time but still has its own set of consequences for those who play with high levels of determination while pushing themselves past what others consider reasonable limits just because they want better results out there.

Sports massage is a type of bodywork that helps athletes increase their performance and recover quickly from injuries. Sports massage therapists are trained to use expert techniques on targeted muscles in order to decrease muscle tension, target specific sports-related areas of the body, and relieve strain or stress. They understand how different types of sports affect the body differently so they can tailor treatment accordingly depending on each individual athlete’s needs.

Teen athletes require additional attention during treatment. Teen athletic bodies are still growing and developing, causing their muscles to be sore or even painful before the rigors of training take place. Sports massage reduces pain as well as increases flexibility and range of motion which helps grow a teen athlete’s body while improving overall physical condition resulting in better performance on the field/court.”

Children have often been thought to be more resilient, and able to heal easily. However, due to the intensity with which young athletes are forced into sports and having their bodies worked as intensely as college or professional players when they play at such a young age means that children can face long-lasting injuries just like adults do in most cases.

Young athletes should focus on their health for the long term, not just in the present. Not only can sports cause injuries during adolescence but these types of activities may be a precursor to problems as an adult – even if you don’t have any bone or muscle injuries from your younger years! Athletic participation is important and there are many benefits such as physical activity which keeps bodies healthy.

As we age, it is common for our bodies to experience aches and pains. When a sports massage therapist works on these inflamed or tense muscles, they are able to restore injured tissue in areas like the lower back, rotator cuffs of the shoulder-blades (the socket that holds your upper arm bones), and knees—which are especially felt as you get older.

Sports massage is a great way for multi-tasking young athletes to relax and relieve the stress of life as an athlete. With school, testing, homework, social activities etc., it’s hard enough being a kid these days let alone also trying to compete athletically at such high levels! Sports massages help by allowing kids not only physical relief but emotional release which helps them in their studies too.



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