Castle Rock Trail Entrance

1033 Castle Rock Rd, Walnut Creek


Castle Rock Trail is a great hike for those who love the outdoors and nature. The path starts at Walnut Creek Park, which makes it easy to reach with just about any vehicle type (car/bike).

The Castle Rock Trail is a short 3-mile round trip that takes you through winding woods before leading up to the breathtaking views of Castle Rock. The hike starts at Walnut Creek Park, which can be reached by way of Highway 9 and then turning onto Cesar Chavez Drive.

Castle Rock Trail is a great hike for people who love the outdoors and nature. The trail starts at Walnut Creek Park and it’s easy. Once you get to the top of Castle Rock, there are some pretty awesome views!



Castle Rock is a popular hike that can be accessed from the Walnut Creek Entrance. With its moderate difficulty, this trail offers hikers beautiful views of the Eastern Bay Area and other hikes in Castle Rock. But what’s cool about it is how you have to cross over a creek before beginning your ascent up the hillside.

The start of the trail has a lot of switchbacks which make it pretty steep for newcomers but there are plenty of benches at different points if you need to take a break or want to stop and enjoy some lunch with an incredible view!


Guide to the Castle Rock Trail Entrance


Castle Rock Trail is a beautiful hiking trail in Walnut Creek, CA. The entrance to the Castle Rock Trail is located on Pleasant Valley Road. It is breathtaking views along the way, hikers are treated to gorgeous views of Mount Diablo and Mt Rogers.

You’ll also get to see several creeks along your journey that offer refreshing places for you to stop and enjoy nature’s grandeur. After summiting Castle Rock (the summit), hikers can enjoy amazing views overlooking Walnut Creek before heading back down the mountain.

The hike offers views of both the East Bay Hills and the San Francisco Bay, as well as Redwood Creek. This family-friendly trail is perfect for those looking for an outdoor adventure with their kids or dogs in tow!

Hikers can expect to see trees such as Douglas Firs and Oaks, along with many varieties of wildflowers and grasses. This is a great place for nature lovers, bird watchers, and anyone who wants to get out into nature without too much difficulty. Bring your camera because there are plenty of photo opportunities on this short but rewarding hike!

The Castle Rock Trail entrance is in Walnut Creek, CA. This trail offers a scenic hike with views of the city and beautiful rock formations. The hike to the top takes about 2 hours round-trip.



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This trail is six miles long and offers great views of Mount Diablo on your way up to the top! The park itself has plenty of trails that range from easy strolls through nature to strenuous hikes with rock scrambles.

Castle Rock is a rock outcropping in the East Bay Hills of Contra Costa County. It is accessible from Walnut Creek and offers amazing views of the hills and bay. There are many trails to explore with different levels of difficulty, It’s perfect for hiking newbies or experts. This Castle Rock Trail Entrance Walnut creek is a great place for hikers to explore in California.

Castle Rock Trail Entrance in Walnut Creek is a great place for hikers to explore in California. Many different trails can be accessed off of this one main road, so be sure to bring plenty of water or an electrolyte drink if you plan on doing multiple hikes!



Walnut Creek, California is home to a variety of hiking areas and trails that are excellent for all skills and levels.  Here’s a short list of our favorites:

  • Acalanes Ridge
  • Diablo Foothills Regional Park
  • Shell Ridge Open Space
  • Franco Ranch Loop Trail
  • Fossil Hill Trail
  • Iron horse regional trail access
  • Castle Rock Trail Entrance
  • Rockspring Place trail entrance – Shell Ridge
  • Howe Homestead Park

All of these wonderful hiking areas are located just a short distance from our location at 1777 Botelho Drive, Suite 110 in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!




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