7 Benefits Of Sports Massage For Teen Athletes


If you’re a high school athlete, you know the importance of good physical health. In order to stay healthy and perform your best, it’s important that you take care of your muscles and joints. Sports massage therapy can help with this! Not only does it promote flexibility in tight muscles and allow them to heal, but sports massage also helps reduce soreness by increasing blood flow. It’s an excellent way to maintain muscle function during a rigorous competition season or for those athletes who are experiencing long-term effects from chronic overuse injuries.

Massage is not only great for relaxation or sore muscles; there’s far more going on in terms of beneficial effects than what meets the eye!


Here are the 7 benefits of sports massage especially to teens:


1) Reduces DOMS

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the name given to pain that we get after trying a new exercise or exerting ourselves more heavily than usual. It usually appears 12-24 hours after exercising and can last up to a week if no treatment is taken. This soreness combines limited movement with the stiffness of muscles in an area where it hurts most likely due to reduced blood flow from inflammation around injured muscle fibers causing discomfort when used too soon. The inability for using one’s body as they normally would make everyday activities such as walking painful

One day you decide you want to try out some exercises at your local gym but once finished notice how much your entire upper body aches! You feel like there are knives stabbing into every inch of your body.


2) Pain Relief Everyday

As an athlete, pain is frustrating and can mean months out of training. The good news is that sports massage may provide relief in many cases, as shown by a study funded by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Researchers looked at whether massage could treat neck, shoulder/knee pain (lower back), and found promising results for all three types of pain.


3) Eliminates Lactic Acid from Muscles

When you work out strenuously, your bodies struggle to get oxygen fast. Breathing hard is the body’s response to its energy needs for more oxygen. The only problem with this process is that lactic acid starts being produced as a byproduct of these actions and can cause discomfort in muscles if not removed from them quickly enough.

A comprehensive review of sports massage suggests that regular massages may reduce the buildup of lactic acid in muscles, increasing recovery time and allowing athletes to continue training.


4) Helps Injury from Becoming Worse

Massages may be able to help prevent injury through priming of the muscles before exercise. This can happen because a massage “can produce mechanical pressure, which is expected to increase muscle compliance resulting in increased range of joint motion, decreased passive stiffness and decreased active stiffness.”

In other words: it helps overly tense muscles relax for flexibility; or relaxed muscles wake up for preparation (for activity).

Sports massage can help reduce the risk of unexpected physical injury. If you’re an athlete, this is definitely something to consider!


5) Better Performance

One of the key things that drive athletes is ambition: to run their distance faster than ever before, to throw or jump further, to lift heavier weights and to outperform opponents. This means they are constantly on a lookout for ways they can improve training or competition preparation which will give them an edge. These changes must be ethical within regulations in order not to make any mistakes during sports events such as baseball games etc.


6) Boosts Overall Health

Researchers have found a link between the immune system and post-exercise massage. In other words, getting one after exercising may benefit your overall health as well! This is great because even minor common illnesses such as colds can mean missing training for athletes who want to stay healthy so this has caused frustration a

mong them.


7) Fights Depression

Massage therapy can have a significant and positive effect on your mental well-being.

According to scientists at the University of Miami, 37 breast cancer patients who reported feelings of depression and anger were given massage therapy for 5 weeks, 3 times per week for 30 minutes each time. These patients showed improvement in their emotional state after receiving this treatment as opposed to those that didn’t receive it; they had fewer depressive symptoms than before starting the sessions.

These findings make it clear that massage can have a positive effect on mental health, regardless of whether you are suffering from depression. This is important for athletes to know because having the right mindset during competition has been shown to be linked with success and winning.



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